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Wilderness Adventures

The wilderness, in the Bible, is a training ground, a place of preparation. Moses, John the Baptist, and Paul all spent time in the wilderness preparing for ministry. For our young people the world is the wilderness. Our society provides many dangerous devices, promotes dangerous philosophies, and encourages dangerous practices. So how are the young people of today supposed to survive the wilderness?

Wilderness Adventures provides survival training through Bible classes, adventurous activities, and one-to-one training with experienced guides. Wilderness adventures is family based, which means that all activities, classes, and training opportunities are organized and guided by parents of teens. This also means that the youth are involved with the entire fellowship at Amazing Grace. It is crucial that our young people are not on a separate expedition from the rest of the fellowship. We are traveling through this wilderness together and the newer adventurers need the wisdom of the seasoned veteran’s.

Psalm 78:53 tells us that God guides His people through the wilderness. It is our desire to see many young people join the adventure, and allow God to guide them through this wilderness. We are honored that God has chosen us to assist Him in this task.

AGF Summer Youth Camp


Want to join us for camp June 10-15, 2023?

Download your registration below:

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For more information: Call (928) 458-0633

or contact Mr. Tim at

All Adventurers are welcome to

attend Bible Classes

Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m.

Wednesday Evening at 6 p.m.

Come to our combined classes

Sunday Morning at 10:10 a.m.

Monthly Adventures

   Please visit the calendar to plan ahead.

These adventures include:

   Ultimate Frisbee - Hikes - Canoeing -

   Road trips - Scavenger Hunts – and more!

Annual Adventures

   Please visit the calendar to plan ahead.

These adventures include:

   Summer Camp - All Nighters -

   Backpacking – and more!

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