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God is Sovereign! –Man is Responsible!

     Mankind struggles with the subject of God’s sovereignty. We have an aversion to accountability and reject the absolute sovereignty of God more than any other of our responsibilities. The heart of our issue with God lies in the innate sinfulness of our being. This goes all the way back to our parents in the Garden of Eden, as the simple act of not eating the fruit of one tree became the first act of rejecting God’s authority. Since that day, all of Adam’s children have been shaking their fist at the heavens.

     In these modern times this rebellion is seen in every part of society and little has gone untouched by the philosophies of rebellion. As the Jews and Romans rejected Christ in His day, so does most of mankind ignore Him today.

     The fact remains, however, that God has not changed and remains the God of the Ages and the God of all Creation. The scriptures make it explicitly clear that the Eternal One is the Supreme Ruler and reigns in absolute holiness.

Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “Is there a man here who kicks against divine sovereignty? It is a testing doctrine, and if he does not receive it, it shows that his pride is not out of him.”

It is indeed human pride that obstinately refuses to acknowledge the Creator as His Majesty. When we consider the greatness of God in all His glorious attributes it seems so foolish for humanity to refuse to yield to His will.

     Creation alone is so marvelous, beautiful, and runs with such precision. For the person who believes in the sovereignty of God, he finds the creation to be a beautiful concert of God’s greatness, creativity, power, and providence. He created all that we know and sustains it perfectly. The sun rises on schedule, the earth bears our food, and the rain cleanses and waters all that lives. The oceans declare His glorious majesty in the very abundance of beautiful and unique creatures. His eternal power is seen all around us in ways too numerous to list. And yet, we would reject Him and in abject disobedience, refuse to obey Him. This is indeed the reason for all the ailments of this planet, our nations, and that of our personal lives. Sin is the rejection of our responsibility to our Sovereign Creator.

     The Holy Bible is the most remarkable book ever written. As Paul told Timothy, it is “breathed out by God.” The Sovereign, in His loving kindness, gave us an awesome book. This book, the Bible, tells us about Himself, our past and future, along with a detailed explanation as to how and why we exist. His revelation gives us a very precise understanding of what He expects from us and shows us the way to succeed. What grace has been given to all of mankind; yet, as it says in Romans 1:21 & 22, “they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him but they became futile in their thinking and their foolish hearts were darkened, claiming to be wise they became fools . . .” In our world today the vast majority live selfish lives, not recognizing the One who feeds them, the One that gives breath, sustains their lives, and has so perfectly revealed Himself. Few care to read His precious words, words that are full of life, truth, and great wisdom to guide us. We should all worship and obey this Sovereign God who is ruler over all and doing His work on planet earth for the good of mankind.

     The Bible speaks of another wonderful gift to mankind and describes this gift as the “inexpressible gift. That gift is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is eternally the Son of God, the most majestic, marvelous person ever to walk on this earth. In the letter to Timothy, He is described as “the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” Paul says He “alone has immortality” and “To Him be honor and eternal dominion.” Why such lofty descriptions? Because, it was this wonderful person that came from heaven to this sin-filled earth to be the Savior of mankind. What a glorious, gracious God that loved us so much that He would send His only Son who “had no sin to be sin for us.” Christ died as a substitute for sinners that rejected Him and even crucified Him. One of God’s greatest attributes is His divine love as displayed in His offer of salvation through Christ Jesus.

     I’ve only listed three areas that should stir our hearts to praise and obedience to the One True God. His creation, His word, and His loving desire to save us through Christ should compel all mankind to bend the knee of submission to the Sovereign. He deserves glory just for who He is, not to mention His many marvelous works. Yet, in foolishness, most of humanity gives little notice to the Almighty. Do they think by choosing to reject responsibility that the Sovereign will just go away? That, because they choose to be their own sovereign, the Almighty will change His plan to suit their self-interest? The answer is an obvious, No! As Job said 2,500 years ago, “He is unchangeable, and who can turn Him back? What He desires, that He does.”

     So, the evolutionist with his strange theory, the idolater with gods made after his own human image, and the post-modern thinker with no absolutes will continue for a while; but the day will come when they will face Him that is forever, and will be held responsible for their every deed. He remains Sovereign whether we humans like it or not – and as He is the Sovereign, so also are we responsible to Him.

- Pastor Parker

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