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What is Amazing Grace Fellowship?

     The adjoining article ( Why is Grace so Amazing? ) briefly explains what we have come to know about grace in God’s Word. This article will explain the connection of “grace” to this physical, yet spiritual body of believers, who choose to call themselves Amazing Grace.

     You’ll notice, right off, that we are a “Fellowship” of believers. We have purposely dropped the name “church.” Why? Ask yourself, what does church mean in American society? You “go to church,” “have a church service,” and this happened “at the church,” somewhere in a building in your community. Quite often people ask, “What church do you attend” which, of course, has not only a location, but more than likely a denomination. So, one might answer, "I’m a Lutheran, so I go to the Lutheran church" – like Baptists go to Baptist churches and Catholics go to Catholic churches, etc. My point being, that the word “church,” for the most part, has lost its Biblical meaning. People “go to church,” but are not encouraged to see themselves “as the church.”

We here at AGF are attempting to move away from meaningless tradition

and sincerely see ourselves as, what the Bible calls us, the "body of Christ,"

"the called out ones," the assembly of Christ's people. In the English

language, we think this is best described by the word, "Fellowship."

     In the New Testament Greek, this is Koinonia, which speaks of communion, a unique communication, and a place of contribution. “Fellowship” – This fits the Biblical concept of an assembly of people, who have been chosen out of common, unsaved humanity, and added to the assembly of the redeemed. The saved make up the congregation, or as it is used in the original Greek text, “Ekklesia,” (the definition is underlined above). We have, as the Ekklesia, been called out of the world to a place of unique fellowship with God and His people. We are partners, due to our oneness in Christ, and we are partakers in joint ministry, due to the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. Our being added to Christ’s body, by the work of God, makes us companions that are called to “love one another.” Thus, relationships in the body are of high importance. Our fellowship seeks those of like spiritual beliefs and interests so that we can mutually share in the God given activities He has called us to participate in. Things such as: learning to obey His Word, challenging one another to love and good works, and spreading the Good News of salvation, by grace, through faith alone.

We do not "go to church", we are the church, called to do

God's business while we look forward to His call to glory.

      So, Amazing Grace Fellowship is a local body of believers that believes the Bible is God’s Holy Word. We are trusting our Savior, the Lord Jesus, alone, for salvation, who is the revelation of God Himself. We are learning to walk in the Holy Spirit, who indwells each of us when He brought regeneration to our lost and dying souls.

     We love the doctrines of grace, which tell us of God’s call before the world began, and His plan to save our souls while we were yet Christ-rejecting sinners. We declare that salvation is of the Lord, minus any human involvement. We believe religion to be man tempering with God’s things, and challenge others to seek Christ alone for salvation and to find ultimate meaning to life in Him. He is the founder of His chosen assembly, its Lord, its Savior, and its mediator. No one else but the Lord Jesus should hold the place of preeminence in our lives or in the fellowship of God’s people.

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