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Christmas Blues?


          No, I’m not talking about a type of contemporary music but the sadness, even depression that many of us may face during the holidays. You may be one who sinks into grief or a sense of loneliness when Christmas comes. We all see the busy shoppers, TV excitement, and hear of holiday plans that others are making. Many will spend ridiculously trying to find happiness. Others of us have no family nearby or have lost a loved one or possibly suffering from an infirmity. Then again there are those that may be struggling with bills or family issues such as wayward children, a broken home, or a marriage that doesn’t seem to work. In today’s world millions are finding temporary escape in alcohol, drugs, or some other virtual reality.

      Without boring you with the details let me share the fact that you are not alone. This pastor and many of the members of Amazing Grace have faced many of the same issues that you are now facing. We have come to realize and accept our own imperfections and that of the world around us. We also have adjusted our expectations of others and are trying to understand and help them come to the source of hope. There is a source of hope!

      Of course you’ve heard that you need to “get Jesus” and you’ve come to realize the triteness and shallowness of this type of bumper sticker Christianese. You don’t need religious platitudes or warm and fuzzy sentimentalism. These things are common in today’s “feel good” world and in Christianity.

      What you need is truth, solid unmovable principles to redirect your thinking and your life. Truth can bring immediate results in some areas of your need, and as truth is followed and obeyed then long-lasting change will take place in you and around you. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Notice, Jesus did not say go to church, praise and worship (feel good music), or participate in some religious ritual. These might have some temporary success in helping you for a moment, however, your greater, more long-lasting benefit will not be found in something but in someone.

      The core problem that brings on our depression and sense of hopelessness is found in our lack of relationship with our Creator. We were created to glorify God and to enjoy a personal relationship with Him. He knows your heart and life in detail; He is knowledgeable and interested in every part. He wants you to fully turn to Him for His gracious, loving salvation and the outcome which is the fulfillment of your needs.

      God is not a genie in a brass bottle that you can rub and presto – chango all your wishes come true. He is the source of absolute truth and that truth is what we need to find life’s meaning and purpose. When we call out to Him, realizing our terrible, personal sinful condition, He will respond to us. The scriptures say, “. . . without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.” God is not accessible to us humans as long as we think that we have no sin. He is absolutely holy and will have nothing to do with sin. If we think we can change enough to please Him we are fooling ourselves. You already know that the conditions of your life have not been changeable as of yet. You are powerless to change others, though you’ve tried and the condition of your own life has only taken you deeper into hopelessness.

      God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to deal with the issue of our personal sinfulness. This is the reason for Christ’s coming. He came to die for us sinners and in doing so, satisfied the holy demands of God when He declared that sin must be punished by death. Jesus died and rose again that sinners such as you and I might be saved. It is in the knowledge of these truths that you will find your way through the dilemma of your sinfulness and the outcome of sin - the sorrows you now face.

      Satan is alive and very active in our world and will do everything he can to discourage and defeat you. Turn to God and call out to Him continually, get a Bible and read the Gospel of John repeatedly and prayerfully. I suggest an English Standard Version (ESV) or a New American Standard Version (NASV) of the Bible; they are both much easier to understand. Go to God with an honest heart acknowledging your sinfulness and your realization that without His intervention you are without salvation and hope.

      God will bring people into your life that will be a resource for help. Be careful to only listen to those that will point you to Christ and His word. There are many false teachers who will make promises to get you into their religion but the outcome will only make your situation worse if you permit yourself to be distracted from seeking God. Remember, your hope will be in God alone and in the application of what He will teach you from His word. Read the rest of the articles on and you will be given greater understanding. Seek God; seek His word!

                                                                                                                              - David Parker

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